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J. Christopher Haney, Ph.D., President and Founder

October 17, 2013

Chris' interest in all things related to natural history, environmental conservation, and wildlife arose at an early age. Starting with a first-grade teacher who was also a bird-bander, Chris found means to blend academic...


Jeffrey A. Lerner, Vice-president for Conservation Planning

November 8, 2013

Jeff started his conservation career working with birds of prey in the western U.S. on landscape scale projects sited on both public and private lands. He went on to work with Natural Heritage Programs across the U.S. and...

Spencer Phillips, Ph.D., Vice-president for Economics

December 2, 2013

Spencer Phillips is a natural resource economist with more than 20 years’ experience helping people, communities, and institutions understand and attain the benefits of improved land stewardship. He seeks science-based...

William A. Mackin, Ph.D., Director of Island Conservation

April 13, 2017

Will Mackin is a zoologist and conservation biologist who has worked to protect seabirds in the Caribbean Region througout his career. From 2010 to 2013, Will led the team with the Bahamas National Trust and Island...

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